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Recently my husband and I have been playing with the idea of building a desk…until the idea progressed into us wanting a desk that we could both at together. This resulted in us making a customized two person desk! The great thing about the desk we designed is that it can be used in multiple different ways such as; a two person desk, an L-Shape desk or a regular desk-table.

that being said, let’s get started!


2 – 4×8’ of plywood (table top)

6 – 12’ of 2x4s (supports under table)

3 – 8’ of 4x4s (legs)

3 – 8’ of 1x3s (trim)

1 – Package of 2.5” torques (star head screws)

1 – Sander (would recommend an orbital sander)

1 – Tape Measure

1 – Miter Saw or any power cutting tool to cut larger pieces of wood

*note that this is a custom desk we measured to fit our exact room measurements – you can modify it as needed.


Main Center Table:
  • 34” wide and 78.5’ long
Two Side Tables:
  • 48” wide and 24” long
  • 10 – 30” tall
  • 4 – 17”
  • 4 – 46”
  • 2 – 25.5”
  • 2 – 78”
  • 2 – 78”
  • 4 – 24”
  • 1 – 34”


We first started with cutting everything to size. We used a DeWalt Miter saw that was perfect for cutting the thicker pieces of wood, especially in a straight line! If you don’t have one you can get one by clicking HERE.

Dewalt Miter Saw - Two Person Desk

I would highly recommend it, or something that would do the same thing. I used it for the first time and at first it was intimidating but shortly became really fun!

DeWalt Miter Saw - Two Person Desk

Once we had everything cut, we laid out the plan just for fun and to give us a solid idea of how it would look.

Then sanded EVERYTHING and I mean everything. That was probably the longest part of the whole project, but was worth it in the end!

DeWalt Orbital Sander - Two Person Desk

We ended up buying an orbital sander since we heard positive things about them. Since we were on a tighter budget, we didn’t want to spend a whole lot on tools and but at the same time didn’t want to buy a cheap one that wouldn’t last long. We ended up going with a Ryobi Orbital Sander and we were not disappointed! I would highly recommend getting one for this project of any other wood working projects you may have. If you need one you can click HERE to get one.

After the sanding was all done, next came the assembly part. Using the 2x4s we cut to size, we placed those underneath the table to give the legs and center of the table support.


Next, you are going to want to screw the nails at an angle (around 45 degrees) to get through the supports, legs and plywood. To help hold things in place, I would recommend using some kind of clasp or grip while you are drilling in the screws.


From the laid out image above, you can see that we had the standard amount of legs on the center table, but with the two side tables we chose to go with three. Two on the far ends and one that was on the opposite side in the center, that way it wouldn’t be in the way of our knees.

After we assemble the legs and supports, we added the trim around the table. We added trim along the outside of the table to meet the top edge, so it wouldn’t hit our knees when we sit.


Now you have three tables that can be joined together to create multiple arrangements to fit your room!


Once we have the three separate tables brought into the room where it is going, we are then going to screw in the side tables to the center table. This will allow it to have more support. You can do this by using the 2×4 supports underneath the table so you don’t see them!

Stay tuned if you would like to see the staining process and to see the final product! Feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have about this project.

Thanks for reading!

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